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GIS as Planning Tool

July 18, 2013

Planning as an idea is fairly simple - Making this world more livable. But in realty , is it that simple?. Change is the only unchanging phenomena for  real world planning. How to cope up with the constant changes and keep an eye on areas of future focus is the challenge faced by the planners.Planning professionals have the technical tool of GIS and satellite imagery to empower them with these tasks. The world is full of data and images,it takes an expert to extract usable information and deliver them as Plan.

The plans help in chalking out strategies for elevating the quality of life for 
communities,economic development engine, brownfields redevelopment and leaving a footprint for sustainable growth for the future generation in Urban and Regional Planning.

For Planners it has become imperative to focus on constant monitoring and adapt to the changes. This iterative process,thankfully has become easier with the help of technologies and software. The satellites help in recording the constant changes in the demographics.

The exorbitant costs associated with the GIS has drastically come down over the years and when you compare cost of not planning in time- delays in conventional planning,viz-a-viz GIS based real time planning; it does not need a genius number cruncher to arrive at the benefits.